Nowadays, there are many types of oil presses in the market. How to choose what we want becomes a question. Today, we will talk about something about the advantages of screw oil press for your information.

Components of Automatic Screw Oil Press

Our screw oil press consists of such components as electric appliance control, automatic heating system, adjustment, driving and vacuum filter vat. The squeezing bolt is made of alloy steel treated by carburization to improve its surface hardness and wear resistance; the squeezing bolt is ground to ensure the accuracy of oil thread and improve oil yield. The standard components for power distribution, vacuum, and heating are domestic famous brands to optimize machine configuration; the surfaces of the machine are treated by stainless steel and chromium plating technology in accordance with the standards of food hygiene.

cotton seeds oil

Advantages  of Screw Oil Press 

1. Less land occupation: only 10-20 square meters workshop will meet its operation.
2. Less labor consumption: screw oil press will save labor 60% less than the other oil presses because just one or two people can operate it.
3. High oil pressing rate: the oil yield of screw oil press maybe 2-3% higher than the old types, which has a sound economic benefit.
4. Energy saving: of equal output, screw oil press will save 40% power than other kinds.
5. Multifunction: screw oil press can be used for pressing over 30 kinds of materials such as the peanuts, benne, sesame, rapeseed, sunflower, cottonseed, soybean, etc. It uses a multistage press and can press oil thoroughly for one time.
Besides, the residual will be filtered by vacuum filtering vat which ensures the purity of the oil. All these conform to the health and quarantine standard.