Walnut Oil Equipment for Pressing Production Line

Walnut oil press equipment adopts twice pressing method to obtain walnut oil. The equipment mainly includes walnut hulling machine, walnut shelling machine, hydraulic oil press, screw oil press, walnut oil refining equipment, etc. Walnut processing equipment can retain the nutrition in the walnut kernel, has high oil yield and low residual oil rate in the cake. The nutrition in the walnut cake is also retained and the cake is well prepared for deep processing. The refined walnut oil has high quality and can be packaged directly for sale. Walnut oil press equipment is suitable for small-scale walnut oil production. We also supply walnut oil extraction equipment which is suitable for large-scale walnut oil processing plant.

walnut oil

Features of Walnut Processing Equipment

1. Walnut processing equipment adopts twice pressing technology to maximize the oil yield.
2. The nutrition in the walnut kernel is retained in the walnut oil and cake.
3. The complete process helps you to process walnut from hulling to refining.
4. Walnut oil refining equipment is easy to operate, has low energy consumption, good refining effect and the quality of oil is effectively increased.

Processes of Walnut Oil Production Line

walnut hulling→walnut grading, shelling and separating →walnut oil pressing→twice pressing→crude walnut oil filtering→walnut oil refining

The harvested walnuts are put into the walnut hulling machine to remove the walnut hulls.
This walnut processing machine integrates the functions of hulling and washing. It adopts high speed rotating hob to cut off the hulls. The uncut hulls are removed by the steel brush in the walnut machine. The hulled walnuts are washed to remove the mucus on the surface.green walnut dehulling equipment

The hulled walnuts are first graded by walnut grading machine and then cracked by the walnut cracking machine. Walnut cracking machine adopts rollers to crack the walnuts. The mixture of walnut shells and kernels are separated by the walnut shell and kernel separator.
walnut grading machine
walnut cracking machine
walnut separator

Walnut kernels enter the walnut hydraulic oil press for the first pressing of walnut oil. This walnut oil extraction machine adopts hydraulic pressure to press the walnut kernels. The oil obtained is filtered. Walnut oil pressed by this walnut processing machine has high quality.

hydraulic walnut oil expeller

Walnut cake discharged from the hydraulic oil press has high residual oil rate and is twice pressed by screw oil press to maximize the oil yield. Screw oil press utilizes the pressure in the barrel to press the walnut kernels. Before twice pressing, the walnut cake is cooked in the flat pan oilseed cooker, which increases the oil yield. Then the cake is lifted into the screw oil press. The cake obtained from twice pressing has low residual oil rate and is used for deep processing. The crude walnut oil is filtered.

screw oil press for extracting walnut oil

The filtered walnut oil from the first pressing and second pressing is refined by the refining equipment to increase the quality of the oil. By degumming, deacidification, bleaching, and deodorization, the impurities in the crude walnut oil are removed. Here is the process:
1) The filtered crude walnut oil is pumped into the refining pot and is preheated. With stirring, alkali liquor is added which results in the formation of soapstock. Then the oil is settled and the soapstock is removed. The oil is washed with hot water for several times and then pumped into the bleaching pot.
2) After vacuum dehydration in the bleaching pot, bleaching clay is added for bleaching process. Then the mixture is filtered to remove the bleaching clay.
3) The bleached oil is pumped into the deodorization pot and is distilled under vacuum.
details of walnut oil refining plant

walnut oil refining machines unit

Walnut Oil Hydraulic Pressing Machine Line Video