Factors Influencing Edible Oil Yield

Many factors may influence oil yield, among them, the physical structure of oilseeds and the squeezing conditions are the main ones. Properties of the physical structure of oilseeds depend on their composition and pre-treatments. The following is more detailed information.
Pre-treatments refer to impurities cleaning, shell peeling, crushing, stir-frying of oilseeds before oil squeezing. Impurities in oilseeds will speed up the wear and tear of the internal parts of oil press, reduce oil yield and even cause equipment failure or accidents. So it is necessary to remove them. For your convenience, Whilrston also manufactures relevant auxiliary equipment such as peanut sheller, crusher, oilseeds roaster, etc..

Composition of Oilseeds

The composition of oilseeds is affected by factors such as moisture, temperature, as well as protein denaturation.
First, with the increase of moisture, fabricability of oilseeds will also improve. When moisture content reaches a certain point, there will be best oil outflow. (and moisture content at this time is called the optimal moisture or critical moisture.)
Second, when oilseeds are heated, fabricability of oilseeds will increase, vice versa. So, heat reservation is one of the most important conditions in oil squeezing.
Third, protein denaturation is a must for oil squeezing. And the sufficiency of protein denaturation will be a measurement of the damage degree of the colloid structure of oilseeds. So the controlling of its due degree is important. For over protein denaturation may lower the fabricability of oilseeds and less denaturation which will hold up the oil outflow and affect oil quality.

Squeezing Conditions

In addition, squeezing conditions or technological parameters including pressure, time, temperature, the thickness of oilseeds, and exhibit resistance, etc., are also critical to improving oil yield.
First, to ensure constant oil outflow, the pressure of chamber on the oilseeds must be reasonable and the change of pressure must agree with the speed of oil outflow. ”Heavy after light with often pressure” is a useful pressing way tested by long-term practice.
Second, squeezing time is very important to oil press’s production capacity and depth of oil outflow. Generally, long-term squeezing makes good oil yield. However, too long-term squeezing may cause unnecessary losses of heat which may also influence oil yield. So we should consider all the factors and make squeezing time as short as possible on the condition that oil yield is ensured.
Third, change of temperature will directly affect the fabricability of oilseeds, oil viscosity as well as the efficiency of oil squeezing.
All of these are closely bound up with the quality of oil and cakes. Therefore, keeping the proper temperature in squeezing chamber should not be neglected.