Flowchart for Cooking Oil Production Line

You can clearly learn the process of production of vegetable oil through the flowchart below.

flow chart of production for cooking oil

You just need to gather some raw material and put them in the oil press machine. Because we supply the automatic oil press when the machine starts pressing you just sit back and relax.

soybean seeds

soybean in the feed hopper

crude oil pressed by screw oil press

cooking oil

A screw oil press contains feed section, gear case section, press cage section, screw shaft section, body, electric cabinet, and vacuum oil filter. Oil-bearing materials from hopper to pressing chamber, when the screw expeller pressing running. Screw shaft rotating in the cage, which pushes the oil material into the machine for pressing.

screw oil expeller pressing for vegetable oil

Product Oil

If you want to get more customers and more benefits, the oil quality is important. And our oil press machines give you the hope and opportunity. You only need one-time investment, permanent profit.
You can see the clear oil from the pictures below:

perfect vegetable oil

vegetable oil

great cooking oil

edible oil

About the secondary product oil cake, we will give you some advice below:
The leftover pulp including oil cake is full of protein, which can be used as fodder for animals, fertilizer for plants, industrial fuel for the factory. It is also for cooking. Thus you can get more benefits, and not waste any available things.

Oil Press Machines

Cooking oil production line includes oil refining. Let us suppose the oil raw material is sunflower seeds, you can see the whole production line as below:

sunflower seeds oil production line