Centrifugal Oil Filter Introduction

Centrifugal oil filter is used for filtering crude oil, which is mixed with impurities. The impure oil is mainly classified into four categories, they are solid impurities, water impurities, glue soluble impurities and fat-soluble impurities. The centrifugal oil filter is ideal for filtering this four impure oils.

Centrifugal Oil Filter Working Principle

The centrifugal oil filter utilizes high speed rotating the centrifugal shaft to work, the rotating centrifugal shaft can separate different kinds of impure oil from crude oil, with the high effectiveness and high impurity degree. Which are suitable for filtering rap oil, peanut oil, and sesame oil, etc. It could improve the oil quality in a larger degree to meet customers’ edible oil requires in daily routine life.

Crude_oilCentrifugal Oil Filter Operating Instruction

1.Starting The Separator

(1)Start the separator, if it vibrates abnormally very much, it is a duty to stop and please check rotating drum fitting sate.
(2)With the assumption of normal working of each part, please start the separator again. The whole starting process needs five minutes approximately, it indicates the separator has reached full speed until it is conformity with technology parameters date.

2. The Filtering Operation

(1) opening water seal and water valve.
(2) switch valve, add impure oil into rotating drum.
(3) adjust inlet valve to appropriate filtering throughput.
(4) adjust outlet valve press force until normal filtering state.

3. Stopping The Filter

(1) close the heater, switch valve, which is in order to make the impurities filtered to fall down into sedimentation tank.
(2) shut off the power source, suppose you want to get the separator stop as soon as possible, you should adjust rotating speed as 1000 revolutions per minute and then adopt brake. If rotating speed reaches 1000 revolutions per minute, don’t utilize brake, so as to avoid wear and tear.
(3)every filtering is over, please wash and clean the rotating drum.
Once you have problems with centrifugal oil filter, please refer to above mentioned operating instructions, and if you are interested in oil filtering business, our supplied oil filter can meet your demands.