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50T/D Edible Oil Production Plant

50T/D Edible Oil Production Line

Edible oil production line includes three major steps which are oilseed pretreatment, oil pressing, and refining. Our company is specialized in customizing edible oil production plant and refinery plant. We provide two engineers for on-site installation, debugging and training.

Features of 50T/D Edible Oil Production Plant

1. Stable performance, easy to operate.
2. Large capacity, high oil yield.
3. All machines can be customized.
4. Provide on-site installation, debugging and training.

Main Machines in 50T/D Edible Oil Production Line

1. Bucket Elevator and Scraper Conveyor

screw conveyor and scrape oilseeds conveyor
We provide bucket elevators and scraper conveyors for level, lean and verticle transportation of oil seeds, oil cakes, and oil dregs, increase work efficiency and saving labor. They feature stable performance, large capacity, and energy-saving. Besides, they are the closed type, improve the working environment and avoid dust pollution.

2. Oil Seeds Cleaning Machines

oilseeds cleaning machinesDuring the harvesting, processing, storage, and transportation process, different impurities will mix in the oilseeds. These impurities must be removed to improve the quality of oil and cake, increase oil yield and handling capacity as well as protect the equipment. We provide cleaning sieves, winnowing separator and magnetic separator for raw materials cleaning. The cyclone dust collector can collect the dust produced during processing, creating a cleaning working environment.

3. Oil Seeds Crushing Machine

oilseeds crushing machine in retreatment workshop
For oilseeds with shells, such as sunflower seed, cottonseed, and tung oilseed, we provide crusher to crush them and then use a separator to separate the kernels and shells, so that to increase handling capacity and oil yield, ensure the effectiveness of flaking, softening and solvent extraction. It has the features of compact structure, large capacity, small fines content, energy saving, easy to operate, easy to maintain and long service life.

4. Softening Kettle

oilseeds softening machine
Softening kettle is designed for the softening and drying of raw materials to adjust their moisture content and temperature, so that to make them soft and increase their plasticity, reduce fines content and roll-sticking when flaking, improving the effect of roasting, pressing and solvent extraction.

5. Flaking Machine

oilseeds flaking machine
Flaking is to destroy the cells of oil seeds and increase surface area, creating good conditions for roasting and solvent extraction. The flaking machine has a large capacity and stable performance.

6. Verticle Steam Roasting Machine

vertical oilseeds cooking machine
Most edible oil in our daily life is hot pressed oil which means cooking oil seeds before pressing. The aim of cooking is to increase oil yield. It further destroys the cell structure of oilseeds, denatures the protein, changes the plasticity of oilseeds, as well as lowers the viscosity of the oil. The steam roaster is suitable for roasting different oilseeds. It has large handling capacity and is good for large oil processing plant.

7. Screw Oil Press

Pressing is the key part of edible oil production. We offer various types of oil press machinery of different capacity. Integrated oil press machine produces pure edible oil, combining oil pressing and filtering together. If screw oil press is chosen, a plate oil filter is suggested for filtering of oil. Besides, we also provide 50T/D pre-press expeller. The oil cake from the pre-press expeller is favorable for solvent extraction.

8. Crude Oil Refining Plant

The crude oil obtained from oil expellers or solvent extraction should be refined to remove unwanted impurities. We customize oil refining plant for different oil seeds and capacity. The process covers degumming, neutralizing, bleaching and deodorizing.

9. Edible Oil Filling and Packing Machine

We have semi-automatic and fully automatic filling machines for you to fill the refined oils. The filling speed can be adjusted to eliminate the phenomenon of the overflow bottle. The filling capacity is easily set and can meet the requirements of different filling capacity.

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