Walnut Oil Press Machine Introduction

Walnut oil press adopts hydraulic pressure to press walnut kernels for oil. The machine features high pressure and high oil yield. The walnut oil obtained is clear and has few impurities. Hydraulic walnut oil expeller is suitable for small and medium walnut oil processing plant and private oil mill. This walnut oil extraction machine is also suitable for processing coconut, peanut, soybean, camellia seed, flaxseed, rapeseed, sesame, cottonseed, sunflower seed, castor seed, tung seed, etc.

Features of Hydraulic Walnut Oil Extraction Machine

1. Advanced hydraulic system, high pressure, high oil yield, high efficiency, low energy consumption.
2. Walnut oil obtained from the walnut oil press is clear with few impurities.
3. Having small volume, the hydraulic walnut oil expeller has a small land occupation.
4. Easy operation, high automation degree, saving time and labor.
5. Compact structure, reliable quality, stable performance, low failure rate, durable to use.
6. The motor stops automatically when reaching the preset pressure, so that walnut oil press machine is safe to use.

Structure and Operation of Hydraulic Walnut Oil Expeller

Walnut oil press machine consists of the frame, oil cylinder, hydraulic station, hand operated reversing valve, materials barrel and electric control system.
hydraulic walnut oil expeller structure

  1. Wrap the prepared materials with filter cloth and put into the barrel. Put in the round steel plate and continue to put the wrapped materials.
  2. Push the materials barrel right under the pressing plate.
  3.  Turn the valve to the down mode, switch to manual mode and start the motor of the walnut oil extraction machine. The cylinder starts going down to enable the pressing plate to press the materials in the barrel.
  4. When the oil starts to flow out, switch to automatic mode. Adjust the runtime and interval time. When the pressure reaches the highest figure, the motor stops; When the pressure decreases to the minimum figure, the motor starts.
  5. When no oil is pressed out, turn the valve to the up mode and start the motor. Hang the two handles over the two hooks on the barrel.
    6. When the two hooks are lifted above the two stop blocks, put the hooks on the stop blocks.  Turn the valve to the down mode, the pressing plate goes down and the cakes are pressed out.
  6. Turn the valve to the up mode to make the handles leave the blocks. Turn the valve to the down mode. When the barrel falls onto the receiving plate, make the handles leave the hooks. Turn the valve to the up mode to pull out the barrel for the next pressing.

Technical Parameter of Walnut Oil Press

Model Power Working Pressure Barrel volume Capacity Dimension Weight
YHY-350 3 kW 40 Mpa 60 kg 0.8 t/d Main machine: 1200*800*2300 mm
Control box: 400*600*1100 mm
1.3 t
YHY-400 3 kW 40 Mpa 80 kg 1 t/d 1.4 t
YHY-435 3 kW 40 Mpa 100 kg 1.3 t/d 1.45 t
YHY-500 3 kW 40 Mpa 130 kg 1.6 t/d 1.6 t

Walnut Production and Nutrition

walnut oil made by walnut oil extractor machine
Walnut is grown in many parts of the world. In 2016, the world production is 3,747,549 tonnes. China ranks the first producing 1,785,879 tonnes. The other major producers include USA(607,814 tonnes), Iran(405,281 tonnes), Turkey(195,000 tonnes), Mexico(141,818 tonnes) and Ukraine(107,990 tonnes).

Walnut contains about 60% of the oil. Walnut oil is used for salads, bread dipping, and baking. One ounce of walnuts contains 190 calories, 18 grams of fat, 2 grams of fiber, 4 grams of protein, 44 mg of magnesium and 98 mg of phosphorus. Walnut contains the highest amount of alpha-linolenic acid(2.5 grams), which is the plant form of omega-3 fatty acids.