Before pressing oil bearing material, it must have the pre-treatment process, because the quality of pre-treatment will influence oil press working and oil yield. Different feedstock has different pre-treatment process, here are main tips for using vegetable oil mill machinery below

1. Cleaning

In general, oil raw materials contain a certain degree of impurity (including sand, little stone, scrap iron, etc.) If you don’t clean them, it will quicken to damage the inside parts, reduce edible oil yield, even trouble and accident.

2. Shelling or Peeling

As oil crops with shell, you should remove the husks, then press, thus improving production capacity and cooking oil output rate. It equipped with a husking machine, separating sieve, separator, etc.

3. Crushing

Some oil can press directly. If it through crushing and flaking, then pressing, it will have high oil yield. It equipped with crusher, flaking mill, etc.

4. Steaming and Frying

Steaming and frying is an important part of improving oil yield. The common method is you must wet the oil crop at first, then through frying pan to dry, so that oil material up to standard moisture and temperature. It equipped with steaming frying pan and frying seed pan.