Pressed oil and extracted oil are the two main oils in the edible oil market. They are safe as long as they meet the edible oil quality standard and hygienic standard. However, what is the difference between them?  We can supply high-quality oil pressing machine and oil production lines for you.

edible cooking oil

1. The Difference in Processing Techniques

The processing technique of pressed oil is called physical pressing, which requires selected oilseeds. After crushing, roasting and pressing, the oil will be separated out from the oil plant seeds. Then after filtering and refining the crude oil, we can get the high quality pressed oil, which retains the natural aroma and taste of oilseed, has a long shelf life and does not contain any additives and residual solvents.
However, the processing technique of extracted oil is called chemical extracting, which applies the principle of chemical extraction. This method has the features of high oil extraction rate and low labor intensity, while the crude oil can be consumed only after the processes of dewaxing, degumming, dehydrating, deodorizing, deacidifying and decoloring. Due to the multiple chemical processing, the natural ingredients in the oil are destroyed. Besides, a certain amount of residual solvents contains in the oil.

pressed oil

2. The Difference in Nutrient Contents

Pressed oil keeps the natural color, aroma, flavor and nutritional ingredients. However, the extracted oil is colorless and odorless, and most of its nutrient contents are destroyed. The criterion of peanut oil drafted by State Administration of Grain has been introduced and implemented. The new standards stipulate that the words “pressing” and “extracting” should be marked on the labels of pressed oil and extracted oil respectively.

3. The Difference in Requirements of Raw Materials

Pressed oil adopts the physical pressing and retains the natural aroma and taste of oilseeds. Therefore, it has a strict requirement of the raw materials. The oilseeds must be fresh, have low acid value and peroxide value. Besides, high residual oil content in the cakes makes the oil yield relatively low. Therefore, the price of pressed oil is relatively high.