30T/D Edible Oil Production Plantpure_sunflower_oil

Our company is specialized in customizing edible oil production lines, covering cleaning, crushing, roasting, pressing and refining. The 30T/D edible oil production line is suitable for various oilseeds such as soybean, peanut, cotton seeds, etc.

Advantages of 30T/D Edible Oil Production Plant

1. Small floor area, saving land cost.
2. High capacity, high oil yield.
3. High work efficiency, energy saving.
4. Easy to operate and maintain.
5. All machines can be customized as per your demands.
6. Competitive Price.

Main Machines in 30T/D Edible Oil Production Plant

1. Bucket Elevator

bucket elevatorBucket elevator is recommended to convey the oilseeds to upper place to increase working efficiency and saving labor.
It has the features of small floor area, stable performance, high hoisting height, high capacity, and energy-saving. The elevator is a closed type, avoids dust pollution.

2. Oil Seeds Cleaning Machine

oilseeds cleaning section of oil mill plant
The oilseeds to be processed have many impurities in them. Their present will affect the purity and quality of oil and damage the equipment. We have cleaning sieves, winnowing separator and magnetic separator to clean the impurities in the raw materials. The dust collector can remove the dust produced during processing, reducing environmental pollution.

3. Oil Seeds Crushing Machine

Oilseeds crushing machine is used for the crushing of various oilseeds, such as cottonseed kernel, peanut kernel, soybeans, etc. It has a simple structure, stable performance and convenient to operate.

4. Vertical Steam Roasting Machine

vertical palm kernel steam cooking machine
To produce hot pressed oil, the roasting machine is needed. Vertical steam roasting machine can heat, wet, cook and dry the flaked oil seeds evenly, which promotes protein denaturation and oil cohesion, meeting the process requirement of pressing and solvent extraction. The machine is easy to operate and maintain. It has a small floor area, large handling capacity, and small energy consumption. The temperature, moisture, and materials are easy to control.

5. Oil Press Machine

Integrated screw oil press is suitable for various oilseeds. It has both the functions of pressing and filtering. The oil pressed by this machine is pure edible oil. If screw oil press is preferred, plate oil filter is suggested to filter the impurities in the crude oil. Large capacity screw oil press machines and low-temperature cold press machines are available too.

6. Edible Oil Refining Plant

crude oil refinery plant
Edible oil refining line is used to remove the impurities in the crude oil by degumming, neutralizing, bleaching and deodorizing. The refinery can process crude oil of various oilseeds. We provide two engineers for on-site installation, debugging and training.

7. Edible Oil Filling and Packing Machine

Semi-automatic and fully automatic filling machine are available for your choice to fill the oils. They are with high-precision filling and high filling efficiency, convenient adjustment, easy to operate.