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Prominent Manufacturers & Supplier

We are one of the prominent manufacturers and suppliers of a wide range of edible oil press and vegetable oil refineries in China.

  • Machine material – Stainless steel and carbon steel, customization is available.

  • Packing –Packed by the protect film inner, water-repellent plastic outside.

  • Shipping –30 days after receiving your deposit or  L/ C.

These edible oil press, cooking oil refineries and complete oil production line have been widely acknowledged for high-quality standards, low maintenance, corrosion resistance and durability.


Prominent Manufacturers & Supplier

Whirlston is one of the prominent manufacturers and suppliers of a wide range of edible oil press, cooking oil production line and vegetable oil refineries in China.

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Various edible oil press machines designed in both screw structure and hydraulic formation can be made-to-order based on your requirement.

Oil Plant Projec Design
10-20 tons per day cooking oil production project

10-20 T/D Plant Project

We customize 10-20T/D edible oil plant for family-style workshops and small factory. It covers various machines from oilseeds pretreatment to crude oil refining. The plant is highly automatic. Competitive price.ommodo

30 tons per day cooking oil plant project

30T/D Plant Project

We customize 30T/D edible oil production plant for oil seeds pretreatment, oil pressing, and refining. The plant is highly efficient with reliable quality. We provide on-site installation and training.

50 tons per day vegetable oil production project

50T/D Plant Project

We customize 50T/D complete edible oil production line for various oilseeds, covering oil seeds pretreatment, oil pressing, and refining. All machines can be customized as per your demands.

1-50 tons per day edible oil production project

1-50T/D Plant Project

1-50 edible oil production line is easier to install and operate; requires a smaller investment and land space and provides complete working process; popular in small and medium-size oil plants.

Seed Oil Production Plants

Design and manufacture seed oil production plant projects according to your different oilseeds, your budget, and your factory area. Oilseeds with high oil content(like sesame, peanut, rapeseeds, etc.) are generally suitable for oil pressing plant for cooking oil production while oilseeds with low oil content (like rice bran)are most suitable for cooking oil solvent extraction plant. However, most oilseeds are suitable for pre-pressing and then solvent extraction plant.

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We are a prominent manufacturer committed to design and production of client-focused seed oil press machines and oil production plants.