Castor Oil Press Machine Introduction

Castor oil press machine is used for pressing castor bean for oil. There are semi-automatic castor oil press and automatic castor oil press. The castor oil produced is used for industrial applications and the residual oil rate is 6-8%. Castor oil machine features convenient operation, easy maintenance, and stable performance. Adopt helical gear design, castor oil expeller has high transmission efficiency, saving energy. Having wide applications, castor oil extraction machine can also process peanut, rapeseed, soybean, sunflower seed, camellia seed, cottonseed, copra, palm kernel, corn germ, sesame, walnut, etc. Castor bean shelling machine is available for shelling the castor seeds.

Castor Oil Introduction

castor seed oil

Castor bean contains 46-56% of oil and the oil content in the deshelled bean can reach 70%. The bean also has a rich protein content of 18.9%.
Castor oil is an important bioenergy source and chemical raw material. It is widely used in the aerospace, mechanical, national defense and medical field. Castor bean cake is used as fertilizer and the cake after detoxification can be made into high protein feed.
India is the largest castor bean producing countries producing 1,554,000 tonnes in 2016. Mozambique is the second producing 77,424 tonnes. India is also the largest exporter of castor oil and China is the largest importer. Netherlands, France, Germany, and the USA are other major castor oil exporters and importers.