Maybe we all know that there are two types of oil production methods i.e physical pressing method under the help of an oil press and chemical solvent extraction method assisted by various chemical additives in the whole production process. While these days, the physical pressing method has been more popular. Why is it that?

First, physical pressing is much environment protection.

oil press machine

Though chemical solvent extraction adopts food grade chemical solvents additive to get oil from oilseeds. It’s inevitable to have chemical residue in finished oil. Physical pressing method adopts physical pressure mode to get oil from various oilseeds, so the whole process is green without any damage to oil and environment.

Second, the physical pressing method has higher oil yield and lower cost than before.

With the rapid development of technology, the technique of physical pressing method has been improved largely. Especially these days, many of the oil pressing machines adopt multi-stage pressing, which will offer higher and larger amount of oil yield with much lower cost.

Third, improvement of people’s life quality requires high-quality edible oil.

With the continuous progress of our society, people’s life quality will become even better and their requirements for food will be higher and higher. They will pay more and more attention to what they will consume. So it’s sure that physical pressing oil will have huge and long-term markets. For those who are in the line of edible oil production, choosing physical pressing method will be a nice policy.

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