Corn oil is yellow, transparent oil with has a faint smell and faint taste. It is an easily absorbed vegetable oil which is not greasy. It is quite stable when frying at a high temperature, and can keep the color and flavor of vegetables and foods without losing the nutritive value. Blended with a cold dish, it could lend a faint scent to the dish. Corn germ also has a long shelf life.

Corn Germ for making corn oil

Corn Oil Has a High Content of Unsaturated Fatty Acid

Corn oil is a rich source of unsaturated fatty acid, especially, linoleic acid. While it doesn’t contain cholesterol itself, it can also lower the cholesterol in the blood, thus reducing the hardening influence on the blood vessel. Long-term consumption can benefit patients suffering from hypertension, adiposis, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, coronary heart disease, etc.

Corn Oil Contains Rich Vitamin A, D, and ECorn Oil

1. The vitamin A in corn oil can promote the growth of epithelial tissue and reduce the break out of dermatitis.
2. The vitamin D in corn oil can promote the absorption of Ca and is of great benefit to the growth of the bones of children.
3. The Vitamin E in corn oil is an antioxidant that can obviously prevent and cure xerophthalmus, nyctalopia, dermatitis, thrombophlebitis, muscular atrophy, and trophism Encephalomalacia etc. The vitamin E has also anti-aging effect. It can improve the endurance for exercise and chill. Adding to milk powder, it can help the growth of retina and cerebral cortex of infants.

How to Make Corn Oil?

Corn oil is also called corn germ oil. It is made from corn germ, which is at the base of the corn kernel. The most fat of corn kernel is in the corn germ.
Corn germ can be pressed by integrated screw oil press. This machine is one of the advanced oil presses. It can squeeze and filter oil at the same time with high oil yield and large capacity, labor-saving and energy-saving. The temperature is controlled automatically.

bottled refined corn oil

Smaller type screw oil press can also be used to press corn germ. It is with small size that covering little space. Screw oil presses are more suitable for medium-sized and small-sized grain and cooking oil processing factories or specialized households. The capacity ranges from 1-20 ton per day.
After pressed by screw oil press, we get crude oil, which contains a large number of impurities, and it will become turbid at low temperature, not edible.
After the refining process including degumming, neutralization, bleaching and deodorization, we get the refined corn oil with low turbidity point, low melting point and can be stored in a stable state. Further processed corn oil can be used in humanized milk powder, health food, and medicine for children and the elder, as well as high grade cosmetic. The by-product oil cake can be used for making a nutritional supplement of various foods or added in animal feeds. Corn oil can also be used as feedstock for biodiesel, rubber substitutes, rust preventatives, inks, soaps, textiles, and insecticides, etc.