Oil Press Machines Types

There are two main types of oil press: hydraulic oil press and screw oil press. Whirlston, as a professional manufacturer of oil press machines, can provide many models of the most new-type hydraulic oil press and automatic screw oil press. There are the introductions of the two types of oil press. The customers can choose the proper oil press according to their requests.

Hydraulic Oil Press

hydraulic oil expeller
At present, the new-type hydraulic oil press has improved the deficiency of water pressure oil press in all aspects. The single machine is less power consumption and covers an area of only a few square meters. Linked with the computer controller, it automates the production process. The new type maintains and develops the advantages of hydraulic oil press like a simple structure, long service life. It can be applied to the pressing of some oil seeds like rice bran and other seeds which need to keep the natural taste and nutrition (sesame, cocoa, olive, etc.) Popular with the consumers, the oil produced has a thicker fragrance compared with the general oil press and doesn’t foam in use.

Automatic Screw Oil Press

The automatic screw oil press adopts the high-carbon steel after high-frequency quenching and heating. The material has the features like high hardness, strength, and wear resistance which is suitable for a continuous work day and night and improving the service life of for dozens of years. There are more than 30 kinds of the oilseeds can be pressed, such as peanuts, benne, sesame, rapeseed, sunflower, cottonseed, soybean, etc. Owe to full automatic device, the whole process only spends a few minutes. The oil outflows when the machine is power-on. Using a variety of fine filtration system device to increase pressure and improve the purity of the crude oil, this automatic screw oil press has a yield 2 to 3% higher than normal oil press, compared with old equipment. The heating temperature control system can automatically regulate the temperature of the crude oil according to the environment. No matter how different the climate conditions are, the automatic screw oil press can be used in the north or south for all seasons.