These days, integrated screw oil press has been a hot sale. We all know that there are three types of oil pressing machines: screw oil press, integrated screw oil press, and hydraulic oil press. Then what makes integrated screw oil press so popular among so many of our customers?

automatic screw oil press

First, integrated screw oil press combines all the features of a single screw oil press. It is automatic,multi-functional,labor-saving and provides high oil yield, etc. Integrated screw oil press is equipped with an electric cabinet control system to control the temperature of pressing cage automatically. In addition to that, an integrated oil press usually owns an oil filtering vat to filter the oil after the oil extracting process. So to a certain degree, it is more convenient, high-efficient and labor-saving.
Second, compared with hydraulic oil press, integrated screw oil press has many more models with wide processing amounts. For hydraulic oil press, there is only one model to choose. While integrated screw oil press has six models with daily processing scope ranging from 2 to 18 tons per day. It has bigger processing amount. Besides, integrated screw oil press has wider application scope. It can be used for pressing all oilseeds that a hydraulic oil press does but also be used for pressing corn germ, coconut, palm kernel, cotton seeds, etc..
Above are some of the competitive advantages of an integrated screw oil press. But that’s definitely not to say other types of oil presses are not good. As the saying goes, there is no almighty in the world. Under certain conditions, screw oil press or hydraulic oil press is better than integrated screw oil press. We should consider all the feasibilities to decide which machine is most suitable for you finally.
Whirlston has over ten years’ experience in manufacturing and selling oil presses, we have been always valuing our customer’s actual needs and serving them with heart and soul. So we have enjoyed high reputation and develop rapidly. All those who are still looking for such oil pressing machines, sincerely welcome your coming.