If you want to ensure your oil press a long service life, a knowledge of these five things as below are necessary.

First, you must read its operation manual carefully to be familiar with its features and operating method. It is a guide for a fresher who know little about oil press.

Second, have an overall check before starting up to make sure all the fasteners are not loose, the handle revolves flexibly and all the spare parts operate well without any abnormal sounds when you turn the pulley. Then pour machine oil into reduction gearbox. Loose the locking nut and adjust stretching screw by anticlockwise revolves to help the conical surface of the squeezing bolt tightly support that of oil cake outlet. After that, roll out the stretching screw by clockwise revolve for 2 circles and then revolve the locking nut tightly to be ready for starting up.

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Third, adjust the temperature controller within the suitable temperature range, 130 to 180 degrees (depends on oil plants). Then, wring the master heating switch to pre-heat the machine. At this time, the green light on the temperature controller will turn on and the red light will turn off. In view of the range of temperature is controlled and stated between 130 to 180 degrees automatically, two lights will change oppositely when the temperature reaches the given degrees. If you press the SFB of the host engine, it starts to operate. And the rotate direction of squeezing shaft should be anticlockwise.

Fourth, once the new oil press machine has been installed, you should make pre-press for 2 to 8 hours. Slowly put the squeezed oil cakes into the feeding hopper to squeeze over and over again till the squeezing bolt is polished and the molded oil cakes flow out smoothly. Remember never to directly pour oil plants into the feeding hopper at first but rather feed them with your hands to prevent the jam of the squeezing shaft. If, due to excessive oil plants feeding, abnormal sounds appear in the chamber or the squeezing shaft is jammed, stop operating timely to eliminate jam and continue to pre-press after re-installment. It is strictly prohibited to operate oil press forcibly or pour materials reversely.

Fifth, when you make regular squeeze, be sure to feed oil plants evenly but not excessively. Too few or no oil plants in the squeezing hopper cannot assure normal operation. If everything goes well, there will be a rhythmical sound and smooth outflow of oil cakes with the thickness range of 0.5 to 2mm. Also, there is no residue at a low-pressure stage or less residue at a high-pressure stage with a proportion no more than 10% in the oil. The temperature in the chamber can reach 130-1800 degrees and the gray smoke should be discharged by the shielded smoke sucker. In addition, squeezed oil cakes should be spread out in case of spontaneous combustion. At last, if the temperature of the machine becomes too high resulted from long-term working, use a fan to cool it down.