Do you want to buy a high quality, low price oil press machine? How to select an oil press? Maybe it is a truly difficult task to choose the proper press for your application.

As the professional oil press machine manufacturer, Whirlston can give you best advice:
Firstly, pay attention to the following questions:

sunflower seed oil

1. Material
2. Capacity.
3. Oil yield.
4. Whether temperature is automatically controlled.
5. Security and convenient of operating.
6. Whether adopt automatic filtration system.
7. Whether the appearance of the machine is painted evenly.
8. Which wear-resisting material is used.

Nowadays on the market oil press is basically integrated automatic oil press machine. The integrated machine becomes much smaller, convenient to transport. It can be operated by single people to reduce labor. No matter on the aspect of the technology or yield of the integrated automatic oil press is better than the traditional oil press.

Try to choose an excellent oil press supplier. Whirlston is your best choice, a professional and reliable oil press manufacturers can develop advanced, high-quality oil press, which also has better after sale service.