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Plate Oil Filter Machine

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Plate oil filter machine is ideal equipment for edible oil plant and individual oil processing house; simple to operate, stable working process, high capacity, and purity; small lane-area, easy to maintain.

Oil Seeds Roasting Machine

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Roasting various oil seeds, suitable for small and medium-sized oil plants, works in closed environment and ensures sanitary products; many motive power source; hot extrusion makes the oil more tasty; adjustable temperature.

Palm Kernel Crusher

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Palm kernel crushing machine is to separate palm kernels from palms automatically and efficiently. Multifunction in crushing oil seeds like peanuts, chestnuts. Low noise and energy consumption.

Centrifugal Oil Filter

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Our centrifugal oil filter is used for filtering solid impurities, water impurities, glue soluble impurities and fast-soluble impurities. If you are interest of oil filtering business, our supplied oil filter can meet your demands.