• 2011.4.15

  • Country: Malawi

  • Raw Materials for Making Oil: peanut, soybean.

  • Capacity: 400-500 kg/h

  • Requirement: labor-saving, high yield, hot press

Before Sale 

According to the customer’s request, we introduced multifunctional oil press 130 A equipped with automatic filtering device which can press many kinds of oilseed and ensure a high-quality edible oil. At the same time, we recommended that if they wanted to improve the yield and quality, they could use the roaster to fry and heat the oilseeds before pressing. As well if they wanted to save labor, they could use the elevator to feed the material.The clients were very satisfied with my recommendation which met their requirements of high efficiency, labor saving, and high yield.

On Sale

After getting the agreement, I began to make PI for them. The payment is 40% T/T in advance, but with trust in me, they gave me 100% T/T. The date of delivery was within 20 days.
Then we instantly arranged the engineers and workers to design and produce the machines. During the process, we went to the workshop frequently to ensure the quality and working efficiency. At last we the project was 10 days in advance and we sent E-mail to the client showing the picture of the finished machines. The clients were very satisfied. Then we started to test the machine. After careful check and ensured everything was ok, we began to pack and ship machines. The original BL and tracking number were sent to the clients timely.

automatic oil press


We telephoned the customer regularly to ensure that the problems can be solved timely in time. Once the customer didn’t know that how to adjust the thickness of the oil cake, we provided professional assistant to get the ideal thickness of the oil cake.
Our high-quality machines and sincerely service moved the customer and they bought 10 sets of our machines for the second time.

automatic oil press