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Flaxseed Oil Production Line

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Flaxseed oil production line consists of selecting, screening, cleaning, crushing, conditioning, pressing, degumming, dehydrating, debittering, crystallization, filtration. With features of flexible production capacity and pollution-free, the cold pressed oil is used as cooking oil, cosmetics ingredients, or pharmaceutical additives.

Tea Seed Oil Production Line

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Low-temperature camellia seed oil pressing line consists of drying, cleaning, shelling, crushing, water conditioning, pressing, pressed cake leaching and refining. It is compact in design, easy to operate & maintain, and it has a small footprint.

Coconut Oil Plant

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Coconut oil plant adopts twice pressing technology to produce coconut oil from dried copra. The line includes copra pretreatment and oil pressing process, crude copra oil refining process.

Integrated Screw Oil Press

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Suitable for both hot extraction and cold extraction; integrate pressing and filtering procedure saving time and energy; apply to over twenty oils seeds such as soybean, flaxseed, rapeseed, sunflower seed, etc. High oil yield and purer edible oil.

Screw Oil Press

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Use the electric motor or diesel as engine; high oil output,qualified oil,simple design and continuous operation;pressing various oil seeds,such as peanut, soybean,flax seed,cotton seed and so on;labor and energy saving because of the improved design;

Hydraulic Oil Press

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Easy to operate, lower wearing spare parts; little capacity and fast pressing; applies widely to sesame, walnut kernels, tea seeds, almonds, etc; used pressure to press oil seed and energy saving; equipped with heating controlling system to adjust temp

Plate Oil Filter Machine

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Plate oil filter machine is ideal equipment for edible oil plant and individual oil processing house; simple to operate, stable working process, high capacity, and purity; small lane-area, easy to maintain.