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Home Use Oil Press

Home Use Oil Press Introduction
This is a brand new type mini home oil press designed for every family to eat healthy and ensured oil. It is quite small in volume so it’s easy to move from one place to another. Just connect it to the power and press the on button, it will work so you can see how it is easy to operate it. Besides, this machine is really multi-functional. For you can use it to press so many oil seeds in our daily life such as peanut, sesame, canola seed, camellia seed, flax seed, sunflower seed etc.. It’s sure that this machine will be very popular in every family in the near future.
Home Use Oil Press Features

1. Solid and durability. Its shell is made of durable aluminum alloy stuff and its main parts of food level stainless steel, which will surely lengthen its service life and
ensure hygiene;
2. This home oil press machine adopts physical pressing so oil quality can be assured.
3. High efficiency. This home oil press can press 2.5-3 kg of oilseeds per hour.
4. High oil yield. The oil yield of this machine is almost the same as industrial level oil pressing machines.
5. Long working hour. This home use oil press can work up to 10 hours with non-stop.
6.Low noise: no more than 60 decibel.
7. Small land occupancy. So this machine won’t take you much kitchen space and can be easily moved.
8. Easy operation. What you need is to connect it to the electricity power and press the switch button and it will work.
9. Fashionable outlook: there are 6 colors for your selection, red, blue, golden, yellow, brown, silver.
10. Wide usage scope. This home oil press can press many oilseeds like peanut, sesame, camellia, walnut, etc.
Six Color Oil Press For Choice

oil press for home use

Home Use Oil Press Working Procedure
First install the squeezing shaft into the chamber; then install chamber to the motor connecting cord; next make sure the locking bolts on each side are locked tightly and set the oil box and oil cake box in their due place; then add appropriate amount of oilseeds into the oil feeder; lastly, press the on button to start the machine, about one minutes, oil will flow out through the space of the chamber.
☆ To improve oil yield, you can fry the oilseeds in your cooking pot.
☆ Be sure that the squeezing bolt are finely tightened to avoid bear and wear of the parts.
☆ It is normal if there is heat exits at the oil cake mouth. Please don’t touch it with your finger in case of finger hurts.
☆ During the oil pressing process, please don’t touch the hole under the feeder box with your fingers in case of finger scratch.
☆ If there is a sudden power off, remember to press the switch button several times to restart.
☆ Once oil pressing finished, continue to operate the machine for several more minutes until all the oil cakes flow out.
☆ Wait for 5 minutes before withdrawing the squeezing shaft out from the chamber in case of finger hurts from residual heat.
☆ Clean and dry the squeezing chamber and shaft timely after usage and install them back.
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homemade seed oil

canola oil

 ground nut oil


Home Use Oil Press Technical Parameter

 Model  Volume (mm)  N.W.  (kg)  G.W.  (kg)  Voltage (v)  Power (W)     Frequency (HZ)  Capacity (kg/h)
 6YL-550     311x179x360  15.5  18.5  220  550  50  2.5-3
 Products Accessories  Oil box/oil cake box/oilseeds feeder/ oil filter sieve/torsion bar/power line/cleaner/instruction book
Product Name: Home Use Oil Press
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