1-50T/D Edible Oil Production Line

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1-50T/D Edible Oil Production Line

1-50T/D Edible Oil Production Line

Edible oil production line includes three major steps which are oilseed processing, oil pressing, and refining. Our company is specialized in customizing small amount edible oil production and the procedures are oil seeds shelling and roasting, oil pressing and filtering. The integrated screw oil press combines oil pressing and filtering; if screw oil press is chosen, you should adopt plate oil filter to extract purer edible oil. We will present you a brief introduction to the vegetable oil production line.

1.Oilseed Shelling or Crushing Equipment

For oilseeds like peanut, almond, sunflower; we should first use peanut shelling machine to separate oil seed kernels from the shells. Our peanut sheller machine is of high shelling rate of 98% and low breaking rate of 3%; thus it is popular in edible oil plant.

peanut shelling machines
To get palm kernel seeds, a palm kernel crusher is necessary to offer integral palm kernel seeds.
small palm kernel crusherFor copra or coconut oil, a copra cutter is available to cut large copra pieces into smaller ones for copra oil extraction.

2.Oilseed Roasting Machines

We offer two types oil seed roaster: rotary roasting machine and vertical steam roasting machine.
rotary oilseeds roasting machine and vertical cooking machineMost edible oil in our daily life is hot pressed oil which means cooking oil seeds before pressing.Cooking can break oil seed inner cells, make the protein nature change, reduce oil fat stickness so as to easily press and get more oil output. Oilseed roasting is especially suitable for peanut, sesame and cottonseed oil pressing due to these seeds special characteristics. Roasting machine has the strong adaptability to energy sources and low cost; Steam roaster has a large capacity and is good for large oil processing plant.

3.Vegetable Oil Pressing Machines

Pressing is the key part of edible oil production. We offer various types oil press machinery for different oil extraction scales. Integrated oil press is an advanced design which combines oil pressing and filtering. Screw oil press is widely applicable in over 20 kinds of oilseeds. Hydraulic oil press is hot in the countryside or small oil mill for extracting small capacity authentic oil. Homeuse oil press is the mini type for family use.

4.Oil Refining

Oil refining plant can be tailored for the first and second-grade oil production. The total refinery plant contains refining pot, decolorizing pot, deodorizing pot, steam generator, heat conduction furnace, etc.

edible oil refinery machinery unit

5. Optional devices

Screw elevator is for conveying oilseeds.
Automatic oil filling machine can be applied to continuous filling and packing.

Edible Oil Production Line Working Video

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