Plate Oil Filter Machine Introduction

Plate oil filter is a necessary device used for removing residue and water from pressed edible oil. It can work in combination with screw oil press and hydraulic oil expeller to directly filter cooking oil extruded from over twenty kinds of oilseeds such as sunflower seed, soybean, sesame, flaxseed, etc.We are capable to customize plate oil filter for both small and medium edible oil mills.The oil touching part is made of stainless steel material for hygienic filtering.
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Plate Oil Filter Structure

Plate oil filter is composed of filtering bed, oil pump, and filter, etc. Between filter plates and filter frame, insets filter cloth or paper as filtering media. The pressure from pinch device fixes filter plates and frame to be an independent filtering chamber and filtering cloth plays the role of filtering crude edible oil.

peanuts oil

rapeseed oil

soybean oil

Edible Oil Filter Advantages

▷Reasonable design and easy operation. One worker is enough to take charge of the filtering process.
▷Low noise and energy consumption. Suitable for small, medium scale edible oil mill production.
▷Oil filtering spares are made of stainless steel for hygienic oil production.
▷Filtering plates and frame are made of high strength engineering plastics. Light in weight, small in volume and simple to move.

Oil Filter Maintenance

–The sealing part should be coated anti-rust oil lest they get rusty(filter plates, filter frame, pinch plate, etc)
–Filter screen, trapezoid screw should be cleaned and coated anti-rust oil.
–All conduit coupler should be wrapped up and sealed to prevent residues.
–Avoid filter smashing and turnover so as not to impact its performance.
–Store filter in the room. Take rainproof measures if the filter is in the open air on a rainy day.

Plate Oil Filter Technical Data

Model Capacity(kg/h) Power(kw)
6LB-250 100-200 0.75
6LB-350 200-300 1.1
6LB-400 300-400 1.1
6LB-500 500 1.5