/Seed Oil Press

Integrated Screw Oil Press

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Suitable for both hot extraction and cold extraction; integrate pressing and filtering procedure saving time and energy; apply to over twenty oils seeds such as soybean, flaxseed, rapeseed, sunflower seed, etc. High oil yield and purer edible oil.

Screw Oil Press

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Use the electric motor or diesel as engine; high oil output,qualified oil,simple design and continuous operation;pressing various oil seeds,such as peanut, soybean,flax seed,cotton seed and so on;labor and energy saving because of the improved design;

Hydraulic Oil Press

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Easy to operate, lower wearing spare parts; little capacity and fast pressing; applies widely to sesame, walnut kernels, tea seeds, almonds, etc; used pressure to press oil seed and energy saving; equipped with heating controlling system to adjust temp

Peanut Oil Press

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Some information about peanut oil and peanut oil press for cooking oil manufacturers. Here we will introduce you an advanced integrated screw oil press and what is cold pressing peanut oil, as well as health advantages of cold pressing peanut oil.

Sunflower Oil Press

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ZY24(202-3) type pre-pressing machine’s large capacity, small workshop area, low power consumption, less operation management and maintenance work make it suitable for squeezing sunflower seed oil in large vegetable oil plant.

Low Temperature Oil Press

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YJY-D1 oil cold press is an improved version of the traditional spiral press that steaming material isn’t required. Its structures of the helical gear transmission, steel rod barrel oil discharge device, infrared heating and positive pressure oil filtration system make it widely used food, feed, and chemical industry.

Castor Oil Press Machine

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Castor oil press machine is used for making castor oil from castor beans. There are semi-automatic castor oil press and automatic castor oil press. The oil produced is used for industrial applications.