/Oil Production Plant

Soybean Oil Production Line

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Soybean oil production line consists of pre-treating, pressing or leaching, refining section. Soybean oil pressing line produces oil with original flavor of soybeans, rich in vitamin E, and has a long shelf life, which is suitable for small and medium commercial processors to start edible oil business.

Peanut Oil Production Line

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The fragrant peanut oil production line is oil extraction process from peanut kernel by adopting the unique pressing technology. It has features of “no chemical production”, unique baking and steaming process, producing a natural product with fragrant flavor and nutrients, long shelf life.

Corn Oil Extraction Plant

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Corn oil extraction plant includes corn germ extraction, corn germ pretreatment and prepressing, corn germ cake solvent extraction and crude corn germ oil refining. Having large capacity and short extraction time.

Sunflower Oil Production Line

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Sunflower oil production line consists of pre-treatment, pre-pressing and leaching, oil refining. With technologies of de-shelled pressing and solvent leaching, semi-automatic or fully continuous sunflower oil production line is generally used in food, animal feed, and chemical industry.

Sesame Oil Production Line

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The improved sesame oil production line is the modern pipelining workshop consists of selecting, rinsing, traditional roasting, cooling, hydraulic pressing and filtrating. By high-low temperature combined baking and divided oil material pressing methods, the fragrant sesame oil and its by-products are widely demanded in food/feed market and chemical industry.

Rice Bran Oil Extraction Plant

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Rice bran oil extraction plant includes rice bran pretreatment and expanding workshop, rice bran oil solvent extraction workshop and rice bran oil refining workshop. Adopts expansion technology which increases extraction efficiency. Adopts physical refining technology, having high refining yield and good oil quality.

Flaxseed Oil Production Line

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Flaxseed oil production line consists of selecting, screening, cleaning, crushing, conditioning, pressing, degumming, dehydrating, debittering, crystallization, filtration. With features of flexible production capacity and pollution-free, the cold pressed oil is used as cooking oil, cosmetics ingredients, or pharmaceutical additives.

Tea Seed Oil Production Line

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Low-temperature camellia seed oil pressing line consists of drying, cleaning, shelling, crushing, water conditioning, pressing, pressed cake leaching and refining. It is compact in design, easy to operate & maintain, and it has a small footprint.