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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can the press run unattended?

    With the correct sensors fitted and an appropriate control panel, an biofuel machine process system will maintain the supply of seed to the press and automatically shut down if there is a problem

  • Do I need an oil pump to transfer oil away?

     No, if the press is mounted on a platform, oil can flow by gravity into an tank.

  • What do I have to do to start the press?

    The press should be free of all products, with no oil seeds in the hopper. Release any pressure in the chamber and start press motor. Introduce the product into the screw and increase pressure to the desired level.

  • How do I control the extraction rate of oil?

    We recommend that the press be fitted with a speed controller so that the screw speed can also be adjusted- the condition of the meal is the best visual guide to the rate of extraction of oil. Generally if the cake is coming off in thin flakes -oil extraction is at an optimum.

  • How many oil pressing devices do we need in a complete set of oil plant?

    There are many oil pressing devices will be used in the entire oil processing process. However, oil press machine in the pressing section is one of the most important oil mill equipments.

  • What are the basic maintenance requirements for your oil mill equipment?

    &Fill up all grease cups and oil holes with lubricants at least once every day. The lubricating oil in the speed reduction gear box must be filtered and changed in every regular overhaul.

  • If the oil residual is higher than the design, how to solve it?

    Usually, please check the operation is follow the Manual or not. If yes, check the steam cooked flake is in good condition .

  • How long will the screw sections last before replacement?

    Approximately 300 tonnes depending upon the cleanliness of the sample.

  • Do I need to de-hull my sunflower seed?

    No, it is not necessary. As the oil is expelled from the meat, the hull gets expelled into the meal creating high quality meal with no trypsin inhibitors. You can extrude the seed strait from the combine, and as a rule of thumb, if it's clean enough to plant, it's clean enough to extrude.